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We’re a specialist personal injuries practice with experience in accident, industrial disease and medical negligence law. We’re different from other firms that offer a wide range of legal services in that we deal with personal injury claims only, and so when you speak to us you know that your case will be handled by a dedicated solicitor who’s an authority in claims litigation.

Personal injury law is a very professional legal area and should you need help with an accident, illness or neglect case it’s imperative that the solicitor handling your case has got the necessary skill and knowledge to resolve you claim as quickly as is possible, above all to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. We have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for lots of injury victims and our team of experts are ready to help you.

Mercury Legal Online will not ask you to pay any money in advance when we accept your case or when we are working on your claim – we will pay for all aspects of the case. You’ll not be asked to pay any money to anyone if your case is unsuccessful through no fault of your own

What we specialise in:
Workplace disease cases – including industrial deafness, all forms of asbestos damage (mesothelioma, lung cancer, pleural thickening and asbestosis), white finger, work-related asthma, RSI and dermatitis. We are also specialists in industrial poisoning and cancer law.

Clinical/medical neglect – such as incorrect diagnosis cases, negligent medical procedures, medical errors and childbirth problems. Our medical negligence team are assisting hundreds of women affected by the PIP breast implant scandal.

Accidents – we cover all accident claims including accidents in work, accidents in the street and road traffic accidents. Our team of solicitors are experienced in dealing with catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

We know that no-one ever wants to be in a situation where they need the help of a personal injury solicitor however thousands of us find ourselves in exactly that predicament each year. Don’t leave your compensation claim to chance, contact the professionals and contact us today.

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Claiming For Compensation No Win No Fee.

No Win, No Fee?

Mercury Legal Online operate on a strict no win, no fee basis. We never ask for anything up front and you do not have to pay anything, even if you don’t win your claim. If you have a question about a no win, no fee claim then speak we will be happy to help.

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