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Dental Negligence

None of us relish a visit to the dentist, let alone to have serious and often traumatic dental treatment or implant fitted.  Although there are risks with any dental procedure, the risks and complications need to be explained to you before they carry out the procedure..

If you feel that your dentist has acted negligently or has injured you in anyway during a procedure, then you need to call Mercury Legal right away on 0800 122 3130. Time limits apply when making a claim for compensation against negligent dental treatment so its important that you contact us straight away.

Types of Dental Negligence

It wouldn’t be possible to list the various forms of dental negligence cases that our solicitors deal with however a number of issues do occur more frequently than others:

Tooth extraction

A conconsiderable number of difficulties can come about in an extraction such as the fracturing of the tooth itself, the tooth being damaged around the affected area or in the most extreme situations the dentist actually removing the wrong tooth entirely

Gum disease

Your dentist should always check how healthy your gums are when you visit the surgery. If he or she should fail to do so and you develop gum disease it can be both uncomfortable and expensive to rectify.

Consent and treatment methods

Before undergoing any dental procedure your dentist ought to adequately explain exactly what they need to do and what options are available so that you can consent to the procedure available. If the dentist is unable to offer you all the options available and/or gets your consent for treatment they may be negligent.

Aftercare & Infection

This can often be as significant as the treatment itself, particularly with procedures including root canal surgery in which the gums can be prone to infection.


Dental implants are quite new to mainstream UK dentistry and there is no doubt that if the procedure is correctly administered the effects can be hugely beneficial, especially if the missing tooth or teeth are in a visible area. Having said that dental implants are a big undertaking and if they are administered incorrectly or not explained properly it’s possible that you may have a claim for negligence.

Bridge work

A more traditional and established alternative to implants, dental bridges have been used for several years to secure a false tooth connected to healthy teeth surrounding the gap. Having said that, not all patients are suited to bridge work, depending upon the gums and the teeth surrounding the gap and if this isn’t properly looked into or explained, you may end up wasting thousands of pounds and go through unnecessary and usually painful dental work.


A reasonably well-known treatment used to repair or assist with a broken or weak tooth. Crowns are made from a range of diverse materials and it is essential that both the right material is used depending on the position of the tooth and that they are fitted properly. Should you experience any problems with your crowns contact Mercury Legal Online and find out if we can help.

Veneers and cosmetic dentistry

Veneers and other cosmetic treatments such as bleaching have grown popular recently as we not only want our teeth to be healthy but also to appear their best. Again, if this kind of treatments are performed correctly the results can be impressive but if not undertaken correctly the after effects can be very serious indeed.

Hurry time limits apply

If you have received negligent care or treatment from your dentist in the last three years, then you need to call us straight away. Call us free on 0800 122 3130 for advice about a claim for dental negligence. You can also ask for a free call back if you prefer us to call you at another time that’s convenient for you.

We know that speaking to a solicitor may feel daunting or embarrassing, but our claims team are here to help and offer you confidential advice about your prospects for making a claim. We help many people like you claim for a dental treatment or procedure that’s left them either in pain or needing further corrective dental work. Call us in confidence, free on 0800 122 3130 or request a call back now.

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Claiming For Negligent Dental Treatment

Free Legal Advice

If you are unsure if you have a claim for dental negligence, then call our legal advice team for free on 0800 122 3130. They will ask you some simple questions about your dental treatment and the consent that you gave your dentist before the procedure. They will be able to tell you if you have a claim and help you start a no win, no fee claim today.

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